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This is our Watchmen t-shirts and merchandise featuring the Watchmen graphic novel and superhero movie by DC Comics. We have Watchmen t-shirts featuring Rorschach, Doctor Manhattan, the Comedian, and more. Our Watchmen t-shirts make a great gift for any comic book superhero fan. Our Watchmen t-shirts are all officially licensed by DC Comics and these tees are made of preshrunk cotton. Show off your love of the Watchmen comic book or movie in one of these cool superhero tee shirts.

Movie poster Watchmen t-shirt
Watchmen T-Shirt
Wathcmen Comedian t-shirt
Comedian T-Shirt
Watchmen Rorschach t-shirt
Rorschach T-Shirt
Watchmen Dr. Manhattan t-shirt
Dr. Manhattan T-Shirt
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This history of the Watchmen

History of the Watchmen

Additional Info

First Appearance
Watchmen #1 - September 1986

Given Name
Comedian - Edward Blake
Doctor Manhattan - Doctor Jonathan Osterman
Nite Owl - Dan Dreiberg
Ozymandias - Adrian Veidt
Rorschach - Walter Kovacs
Silk Spectre - Laurie Juspeczyk

Comedian - Vigilante and government operative
Doctor Manhattan - Scientist
Nite Owl - Crimefighter
Ozymandias - Vigilante
Rorschach - Vigilante
Silk Spectre - Crimefighter

Comedian - The Comedian is skilled in hand to hand combat skills, most weaponary, and training in covert operations and unconventional warfare.
Doctor Manhattan - Dr. Manhattan is incredibly powerful and invulnerable to most attacks. He can alter his body's size and strength, can teleport over great distances, able to see both past and future events, among other abilities.
Nite Owl - Genius in engineering, aeronautics, and zoology and a skilled hand to hand fighter.
Ozymandias - Ozymadias is considered the smartest man in the world, a superb martial artist, master strategist, and is a world class athlete.
Rorschach - Rorschach is rutless investigator, brilliant tactician and able to stand extreme temperatures.
Silk Spectre - Her mind and body excerised to the point of human perfection.

Comedian - Guns and weaponary
Doctor Manhattan - None
Nite Owl - Various devices that he created including the flying submarine ship
Ozymandias - None
Rorschach - Map of New York and a grappling hook
Silk Spectre - None

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