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Welcome to the T-Shirt Bin
The T-Shirt Bin is a proud distributor of officially licensed superhero t-shirts and merchandise from the three major comic book companies of Dark Horse, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. We have a great selection of superhero t-shirts to choose from including Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman from the DC Comics comic book brand.
For Marvel Comics, we have tees featuring the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Punisher, and many more and we also feature Hellboy of Dark Horse Comics. Our superhero t-shirts are all licensed by either Dark Horse, DC, or Marvel Comics, so you know you are getting a great product and these tees make a great gift for any comic book fan. We also carry officially licensed keychains and hats for popular superhero comic book characters. If you love comic books, the be sure to check out these tee shirts.

We have also added a new movie and tv show t-shirts section featuring classic, 80s, horror, action, and comedy movie t-shirts. In our tv show section, we have classic and current tv show t-shirts including the Three Stooges, the Simpsons, and more.

Batman & Superman T-Shirts
Batman T-Shirts

We have added several new designs to the classic Batman and Superman t-shirts section of our site. We currently offer over 40 designs for the characters.

Showcased Superhero T-Shirts

Batman movie poster Dark Knight t-shirt
Batman Dark Knight T-Shirt
The Amazing Spiderman t-shirt
Amazing Spiderman T-Shirt
Iron Man t-shirt
Blast Iron Man T-Shirt
Hulk t-shirt
Face of Hulk T-Shirt
Punisher War Zone t-shirt
The Punisher T-Shirt
Classic four logo Fantastic Four t-shirt
Fantastic Four Logo T-Shirt
Punisher t-shirt
Vest Punisher T-Shirt
Spiderman t-shirt
Creep Spiderman T-Shirt
Shield Superman t-shirt
Shield Superman T-Shirt
Captain America t-shirt
Captain America T-Shirt
Superman t-shirt
War Superman T-Shirt
Black Panther t-shirt
Black Panther T-Shirt
Wonder Woman t-shirt
Wonder Woman T-Shirt
Flash t-shirt
Flash T-Shirt
Joker t-shirt
The Joker T-Shirt

Newly Released Superhero T-Shirts

Hulk t-shirt
Make Way Hulk T-Shirt
Silver Surfer t-shirt
Silver Surfer T-Shirt
X-Men Wolverine t-shirt
X-Men Wolverine T-Shirt
X-Men Wolverine t-shirt
Midnight Wolverine T-Shirt
Chain Break Superman t-shirt
Chain Superman T-Shirt
Spiderman Venom t-shirt
Spiderman Venom T-Shirt
Green Arrow t-shirt
Double Green Arrow T-Shirt
Hot Rod Batman t-shirt
Hot Rod Superman T-Shirt
Rusted Superman t-shirt
Rusted Superman T-Shirt

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