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Amazing Spiderman T-Shirts

We carry a great selection of Amazing Spiderman t-shirts and merchandise from Marvel Comics. We have Amazing Spiderman t-shirts featuring the Green Goblin, Venom, the Sandman, Doctor Octopus, and many other Spiderman t-shirts including Amazing Spiderman t-shirts from the Spiderman movie series. Our Amazing Spiderman t-shirts make a great gift for any Spiderman comic book superhero fan. All of our Spiderman t-shirts are all officially licensed by Marvel Comics and these tee shirts are made of preshrunk cotton. These tees look and feel great and will make any Amazing Spiderman fan shine. Show off how much you love the Spiderman comic book character in one of these cool superhero Amazing Spiderman t-shirts. Be sure to pick up one of our Spiderman t-shirts!

Amazing Spiderman t-shirt
Amazing Spiderman T-Shirt
Wall Crawl Amazing Spiderman t-shirt
Wall Spider-Man T-Shirt
Eddie Brock Venom t-shirt
Eddie Brock Venom T-Shirt
Within the darkness Spiderman t-shirt
Darkness Spiderman T-Shirt
Venom from the Grave t-shirt
Grave Spiderman T-Shirt
Amazing Spiderman 2 t-shirt
Crawling Spiderman T-Shirt
Creeping Spiderman t-shirt
Creeping Spiderman T-Shirt
Spiderman 3 movie t-shirt
Spiderman 3 Movie T-Shirt
Drooling Venom t-shirt
Drooling Venom Lick T-Shirt
Doctor Octopus t-shirt
Doctor Octopus T-Shirt
Green Goblin t-shirt
The Green Goblin T-Shirt
Metal Spiderman face t-shirt
Face Spiderman T-Shirt
Amazing Spider-man logo t-shirt
Logo Spider-Man T-Shirt
Green Goblin Spider-man t-shirt
Goblin Spider-Man T-Shirt
Spiderman t-shirts - Sandman t-shirt
Sandman T-Shirt
Big face Venom t-shirt
Closeup Big Venom T-Shirt
Venom is back t-shirt
Venom Is Back T-Shirt
Headstrong Marvel Comics t-shirt
Headstrong Marvel T-Shirt
Crunch Time Marvel Comics t-shirt
Crunch Time Marvel T-Shirt
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The History of the Spider-man

History of the Amazing Spiderman

Additional Info

First Appearance
Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Given Name
Peter Benjamin Parker

Place of Birth
Forest Hills, New York


165 lbs.

College graduate in biophysics and doctorate studies in biochemistry

Freelance photographer, former assistant high school coach, science teacher, scientific researcher

Peter can cling to most surfaces, has superhuman strength (able to lift up to 10 tons) and is 15 times more agile than a regular human. The combination of enhanced legs and web-slinging allows him to travel quickly. His spider-sense provides an early warning detection system, enabling him to avoid most injuries.

Twin artificial web-shooters worn at the wrists, spider-tracer devices attuned to his spider-sense, the spider-signal light, and a compact camera.

Noted Adversaries
Green Goblin, Venom, The Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Hobgoblin