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Ghost Rider t-shirts and merchandise featuring the superhero, the Ghost Rider. Our Ghost Rider t-shirts make a great gift for any comic book superhero fan. We have Ghost Rider t-shirts featuring the Ghost Rider on his bike, close up shots of the Ghost Rider skull, and other tee shirts that have other Marvel characters on them. Our Ghost Rider tee shirts are all officially licensed by Marvel Comics and these tees are made of preshrunk cotton. Show off your love of the Ghost Rider comic book and movie series in one of these cool superhero tee shirts.

GhostRider skull and flame t-shirt
Flame Ghost Rider T-Shirt
GhostRider riding his bike t-shirt
Ghost Rider Bike T-Shirt
Blue GhostRider movie t-shirt
Ghost Rider Movie T-Shirt
Sold Out
GhostRider on motorcycle jumping t-shirt
Ghost-Rider Leap T-Shirt
GhostRider white ink head on black t-shirt
GhostRider Head T-Shirt
Headstrong Marvel Comics t-shirt
Headstrong Marvel T-Shirt
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This history of the GhostRider superhero of Marvel Comics

History of the Ghost Rider

Additional Info

First Appearance
Marvel Spotlight #5 (1972)

Given Name
Johnathon Blaze

Place of Birth
Waukegan, Illinois

Blaze - 5'10"
Ghost Rider - 6'2

Blaze - 180 lbs
Ghost Rider - 220 lbs

High-school graduate

Former stunt cyclist

Ghost Rider has superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to project and control Hellfire. He can shape the Hellfire into a mystical motorcycle capable of traveling over water and up vertical surfaces. He is also immune to any mystical attacks that are specific to beings with living souls.

Hellfire Enchanted Chain which is indestuctible, shotgun, and his motorcycle

Noted Adversaries
Blackheart, Death Ninja, Mephisto