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Fantastic Four t-shirts and merchandise featuring the Fantastic Four superhero group and Doctor Von Doom. We have a great selection of Fantastic Four t-shirts to choose from including group images of the Fantastic Four, individual shirts for Mr. Fantastic, the Invisbile Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, and the evil Dr. Von Doom. Our Fantastic Four t-shirts make a great gift for any comic book superhero fan. All of our superhero t-shirts in this section are all officially licensed by Marvel Comics and these tees are made of preshrunk cotton. Show off your love of the Fantastic Four comic book and movie series in one of these cool superhero tee shirts.

Fantastic 4 logo t-shirt
Fantastic Four Logo T-Shirt
Fantastic Four battling Doctor Von Doom movie t-shirt
Fantastic Four Movie T-Shirt
Group members Fantastic Four t-shirt
Fantastic Four T-Shirt
superhero group blue Fantastic Four t-shirt
Group Fantastic Four T-Shirt
Fantastic Four the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch vintage t-shirt
Vintage Fantastic 4 T-Shirt
the Thing t-shirt
Thing T-Shirt
Doctor Doom t-shirt
Doctor Doom T-Shirt
Headstrong Marvel Comics t-shirt
Headstrong Marvel T-Shirt
Crunch Time Marvel Comics t-shirt
Crunch Time Marvel T-Shirt
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History of the Fantastic 4

History of the Fantastic Four

Additional Info

First Appearance
Fantastic 4 #1 (1961)

Given Names
Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards
Invisible Woman - Sue Storm
Human Torch - Johnny Storm
Thing - Ben Grimm

Place of Birth
Mr. Fantastic - Central City, California
Invisible Woman - Long Island, New York
Human Torch - Long Island, New York
Thing - Queens, New York

Mr. Fantastic - 6'1
Invisible Woman -5'6
Human Torch - 5'10
Thing - 6'

Mr. Fantastic - 180 lbs
Invisible Woman - 120 lbs
Human Torch - 170 lbs
Thing - 500 lbs

Mr. Fantastic - Multiple scientific doctorates in fields including engineering, math, and physics
Invisible Woman - High school and partial college studies
Human Torch - High school and partial college studies
Thing - College graduate, pilot, and NASA training

Mr. Fantastic - Scientist and university professor.
Invisible Woman - Adventurer and substitute teacher.
Human Torch - Firefighter, adventure, Chief Financial Officer for the Fantastic Four.
Thing - Adventurer

Mr. Fantastic - Can shift his body into super-malleable forms and shapes and his skin is nearly impenetrable. He is also one of greatest living geniuses.
Invisible Woman - Can render herself or objects around her as invisible by bending light waves and can produce a near impenetrable force field.
Human Torch - Johnny can cover his body in fire, fly at supersonic speeds, project fireballs, manipulate existing flame, and absorb heat.
Thing - Tremendous strength, durability, enhanced stamina, lung capacity, along with being a great pilot.

Mr. Fantastic - Wears a special suit that allows for the stretching his body can do.
Invisible Woman - Wears special clothing of unstable molecules.
Human Torch - Wears special clothing designed not to burn when his flame powers are activated.
Thing - He also wears special clothing of unstable molecules like the rest of the Fantastic 4.

Noted Adversaries
The Skrulls, Doctor Doom