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Daredevil t-shirts and merchandise featuring the first superhero with a known disability, the Daredevil. We have a great selection of Daredevil t-shirts to choose from including images of the Daredevil and shirts including other Marvel superhero characters. Our Daredevil t-shirts make a great gift for any comic book superhero fan. Our Daredevil t-shirts are all officially licensed by Marvel Comics and these tees are made of preshrunk cotton. Show off your love of the Daredevil in one of these cool superhero tee shirts.

The man without fear Daredevil t-shirt
Daredevil T-Shirt
Headstrong Marvel Comics t-shirt
Headstrong Marvel T-Shirt
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The history of the Daredevil superhero of Marvel Comics

History of the Daredevil

Additional Info

First Appearance
Daredevil #1 (1964)

Given Name
Matthew Michael Murdock

Place of Birth
New York City


200 lbs

He possesses a high school diploma and a doctorate of law. He also has a self-taught masters of applied sciences in mechanical engineering.

Crimefighter and lawyer.

Due to his lack of sight, his other four senses are greatly heightened. He is able to sense the slightest of temperature changes, can distinguish any smell no matter how well it is masked, his sense of taste has become so great that knows every ingredient that has been added to food, and the Daredevil sense of sound allows him to hear a person's heartbeat from 20 feet away. He has also developed a sense that he calls his "radar sense" which he can read the reverberations of this energy into a 3D map. In addition to his enhanced senses, he also possesses the the strength, speed, agility, endurance, and gymnastic skills of an Olympic athlete. He is also a master of a hybrid martial arts style.

He carries a billy club disguised as a cane and two fighting batons.

Noted Adversaries
Mr. Fear, Kingpin